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Signature Mini Specialists

Signature Mini and the Signature Gallery are brand new projects from a familiar name. Previously found in Poulton at Brimelows Garage as 1HourCars but now with a sole focus on the best used Minis you can buy.

We've specialised in MINIs for over 8 years now and in that time have learned a lot about them. Not least of which is how to choose the right specification and colours that customers want.

Only the finest MINIs make it through

So that you can drive away in a MINI you trust and believe in, we have a rigorous process for deciding which MINIs make it back to our hidden showroom.

Firstly, we only buy MINIs directly from their previous owner or via our main dealer partners. We never source cars from auctions, insurance companies or fleets. We need to know that our MINIs have been properly looked after and only trusting the person you're buying it from can do that.

Secondly, every MINI receives a full BMW MINI dealer health check certification. Whilst an MOT makes sure your car is fit for the road, the dealer health check ensures that everything is working exactly as it should and alerts us to anything that might need to be repaired. You can be sure when you collect your Signature MINI that you're not going to have any big bills or headaches in the future.

Finally, we prepare every MINI to the highest showroom standard. We want you to have the new car buying experience without the associated costs. Our luxury hidden showroom allows you all the time you need to inspect and get comfortable with your new car before making your final decision. In almost every case, you can drive your Signature MINI away on the same day.

Have a MINI you want to sell?

Our hidden showroom

Our new hidden showroom is located off the beaten track. Our MINIs are the finest you will find in the country and we want every part of your experience to reflect that. Come down to our private hidden showroom with an appointment or at any time during our opening hours and you'll be welcomed and left to peruse our range of MINIs.

If you need more help one of our experts will be happy to assist you, but there's no pressure. We want you to take your time and make the right decision. We typically have more buyers than cars, so we're not interested in steering you into something you won't love.